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    Whether looking for casual and friendly dating, or looking for that long-lasting relationship, we can provide the perfect jumping-off point for finding those who share similar interests.

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    EDWARD HOPPER AS ILLUSTRATOR GAIL LEVIN Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2013 OOIevi EDWARD EOPPER EDWARD HOPPER AS ILLUSTRATOR GAIL LEVIN W • W • NOR r ON J ( OMPAN^ • NEW ^ R K • LONDON I \ ASSOCIATION WITH THE WHITNEY Ml SE1 \! Hoppei liiniscli left no written records ol his careei as an illustratoi making research all the mori difficult. Surely Hopper chose to apply for work on specific periodicals, particularly trade publications, because they offered a steady diet of more palatable and more predictable subjects. OF AMERICAN \ R I COPYRIGHT © 1979 BY THE WHITNEY MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART, NEW YORK Printed in the United States of America. 141-66, published in the Farmer's Wife, are reproduced with the per- mission of Farm Journal, Inc. While I hope thai I have lot ited all extant examples ol his published illustrations and original artwork, additional examples ma) com* to light mor)-* EDWARD HOPPER XI [NTRODUCTION In every artist's development the germ of the later work is always found in the earlier. Oil on canvas, 28 x 36 Art Center; Edmundson Collection. Thus, because of his long and deep love for ships, he tried out successfully for The Dry Dock Dial. The Token Corresponding Society Bulletin The Token Corresponding Society was founded in July 1971, by means of a circular from the late Christopher Brunel and Jean M.White to a group of enthusiasts who collected tokens and agreed to publish a bulletin for circulation between themselves.One of the managers (I’ll call her Anna) is single and attractive, and frequently catches the eye of our male clients and even some colleagues.She has always brushed off the attention quickly and it has never been an issue.Some online social games like Red Light Center are dedicated to cybersex and other adult behaviors.

    Each issue contains articles, short notes, correspondence and notes & queries.

    Cybersex can occur either within the context of existing or intimate relationships, e.g.among lovers who are geographically separated, or among individuals who have no prior knowledge of one another and meet in virtual spaces or cyberspaces and may even remain anonymous to one another.

    In some contexts cybersex is enhanced by the use of a webcam to transmit real-time video of the partners.

    H66L48 "J79 74i'-o92'4 79-12577 ISBN 0-393-01243-3 1234567890 CONTENTS 1 OKI WORD vii PRI. Extensive investigation searching turned up man) more examples ol Hopper's published illus trations, making if possible to identify most ol the collection ol proofs he saved. In- deed, perhaps the essence of Hopper's urge to attain simplicity is summed up in his comment that what he wanted to do was "to paint sunlight on the side of a house" and in his monumental oil painting of 1963 Sun in an Empty Room (Fig. Although Jo Hopper claimed that Hopper never "compromised" on his illustrations, it is clear that some of the work he did was much more attuned to his sensibilities than that for certain other publica- tions. Briai O'Doherty, American Masters: The Voice and the Myi' 1 irk: Random House "173;. 3 DOLLARS A YEAR 25 CENTS A COPY 358 IN TWO SI ( I IONS SECTION ONI 359 '■■■ MANAGEMENT s J •• 1 7 \ j \ N TWO SECTIONS SECTION ONE AHRENS PUBLISHING COMBi NY INC.

    ODUC I ION i HOPPER'S CAREER VS AN ILLUSTRATOR 9 ILLUSTRATION \ND HOPPERS MATUR1 STYL1 NOTES -,; LIS I 01 PERIODIC \I S 6i CATALOGU1 01 ILLUSTRA1 IONS FOREWORD In J;uiuai\ 1920, the fiirsl one-man exhibition i proofs, 1 then published form) his own harsh evaluation ol its quality. We can conclude that in order to convey the message necessary to the illustration, Hopper was often forced to include details he would never otherwise have chosen. io \pnl 1946, archives ol tin Whitney Museum of i LMi \i 1 New \ ork. Arena Winsten, 'Wak( ol the News Washington Square North Boasl i Strangers Wortl ralkin I Post, Novi m 935. Ibid g Lloyd Goodrich Edward Hoppei (Nevt York: Harry N Vbram 31. • Silent Witness 1 Decembei ■ ; ig reprinted in Uexandei Three Hun: , erican Painting Nev York: I mi' In. "The Pursuit ol Happiness," unpublished autobiography, Wittenberg 1 niversity Library, Springfield, Ohio. Janus B, ( arrington an Illustration and the Re- 19- 20. 3 DOLLARS A YEAR 25 CENTS A COPY 357 MANAGEMENT IN TWO SECTIONS SECTION ONE AHRENS PUBLISHING COMPANY INC. Vast numbers ol Indians were snuffed out by each one of the boys," |».

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